PentaBIDS® 2.0.0 Continuous Development

  On PPSI C.A. We are aware that a good product is one that goes hand in hand with customer requirements and technological advances. That is why we are constantly improving our platform and incorporating what is necessary to maintain the technological forefront and continue to be your best option.  



Beta Release 2.0.0 - Under Development

By the end of 2023, the launch of version 2.0.0 is planned, which will provide new tools for the offer, as well as modules for managing massive data loading, and among other functionalities.

Release Stable 1.1.3

Functionality and security improvements.

Release Stable 1.1.2

Improvements in the image management process and browser cache management, reducing the response time of the platform.

Release Stable 1.1.1

Improvements in the authentication process and incorporation of automatic login functionality.

Migration from to

Improvements in the public platform and migration of the instance from to the new

Release Stable 1.1.0

Improvements in the Room Auctions Module, development of the Live Auctions Presentation Screen, in real time, with offers via the Web and offers in the Room.


Run on Production Public Version

Run on Production Portal for public access and public use, focused on Items related to collecting in general. Platform called Experts & Collectors

First Release Version 1.0.0 on Production

Release of the first Stable version 1.0.0 with all the functionalities established in the initial scope.

First Beta Release 0.0.5

Release of the first Beta 0.0.5 of the platform in test mode.


Platform Planning and Development

Start of platform scoping and start of development

The perfect Solution for your Auction House or Ecommerce

  PentaBIDS® is the perfect product for your Auction Process or Ecommerce Store, developed under a flexible and scalable scheme that allows you to model any type of business.  


On Sistemas PPSI, we develop comprehensive solutions, covering everything necessary for the perfect functioning of your business. We focus on the technology requirements, so that you focus on the core of your business and obtain the necessary momentum to reach 100% of your potential.

All our products and services are guaranteed

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