“QuienMeDaMas.com Sales and Auctions Portal for Public Access. Focused on retail sales of new and used products. Electronics, white line, brown and any other product."

Inversiones Facsimil C.A.


Numismatic Club of Venezuela
Small merchant who carries out weekly auctions of products related to Numismatics, Uses the platform to promote their products and excute your auctions in parallel and live with their WhatsApp group.

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Jacobo (R) Garrido Collector
Small merchant and collector of master art, he uses the platform for the promotion and direct sale of his products. In addition to sharing pieces of art with other users of the platform .

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Sports Collectibles
Small merchant who that run your on Room Sale in parallel with your online customer in their monthly convention of products related to sports collecting, uses the platform to promote their products and the execution of the auction in the Room and in Real Time via our platform, receiving offers in parallel .

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"1000Subastas.COM is a public platform for the sale and auction of collectible items, this platform is used in most important numismatic conventions auctions."

Sistemas PPSI C.A.
Sistemas PPSI C.A.


"Important Venezuelan Auction House with Regional Projection, execute their weekly Auctions and Auctions at its conventions in the Room and via the Real Time Platform."

Numismática Rojas C.A.
Numismática Rojas C.A.


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